Advantages of Getting an IVA

You can’t get rid of payable and debts with no plan of accomplishment. IVA is a good resolving measure for large debts. For those who are undecided about the IVA, these advantages can help you decide whether to choose it or not.

Individual Voluntary Agreement Pros

  • One realistic estimate puts every IVA debt resolution as completed within half a decade, even sooner.
  • Zero interruptions. No debt collector can harass you or try to squeeze out money from you. It will be illegal for them to do so.
  • Your total repayment will be decided once and it can’t be altered by anyone, even your creditors.
  • There is usually an affordable periodic sum after the IVA is finalized. You can also pay it off once as a balloon payment.
  • The fixed assets will be secure and their resale will not be insisted upon. Their mortgages are another story which will be discussed in the IVA negotiation to release more funds.
  • It is possible to keep certain necessary assets in an IVA such as a car. It is also possible to negotiate with creditors to keep other assets for extra IVA payments.
  • Once you have completed your arrangement, you will be allowed to borrow money and your credit rating will start to improve.
  • Debtors can avoid the specter of being bankrupt. IVA allows them to repay an amount they are comfortable with.
  • An IVA is lawfully obligatory on every party involved.
  • The IVA does allow for variations if your situation changes on condition of agreement from all parties.
  • No further legal charges can be pursued against you after your IVA is finalized.
  • Your job may not favor bankruptcy in its employees so you must opt for an Individual Voluntary Agreement.

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