All About IVA Debt Management

Definition and the Main Functions of an IVA

Financial markets are quite aware of these words. IVA and DMP are words that are used in many of the financial stability ads you see online and in real life. Common people are not aware of the meaning and significance behind these words. So it is advised that a financial expert should be present in case of formal proceedings of these plans. In short, these plans are a formal settlement among borrowers and creditors in order to facilitate repayment of loans at easy and acceptable terms.

IVA Functionality

The gist of IVA is that you, as a borrower, plead to get your loan terms relaxed or your loan amount reduced because you are unable to repay it. The odious situation can be caused by many external and internal factors. In short, an IVA is a last-ditch effort to repay arrear which is worth over 20 grand. The debtor agrees to pay the amount agreed upon by everyone. In return, the creditor calls off the debt recollection agencies and cease all activities that might stress you out. They also can’t pursue any legal action against you. So, it’s a win-win situation.

How to get an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?

You can have access to a functioning IVA and all the information by the means of an insolvency practitioner. Don’t hide the financial details from your IP. Help them work out the best solution for you. Be sure to get quotes from a few organizations and pick the one most suitable for you. Only a few organizations like Solution2Debts will customize their plan to suit your needs, so pick wisely.

How Many Creditors Must Acquiesce?

Every successful IVA negotiation needs about ¾ or more than 70% of creditors to sign off on the agreed terms. If they are any less than this number, the negotiation could fall apart. Additionally, the creditors are not bound by law to agree to your proposed terms. They can say no or change the terms.  Put forward your best offer and meet them halfway. The IVA is for your benefit.

Is an IVA right for me?

Our expert debt advice can tell you if an IVA is suitable for you. You can check your eligibility criteria and its completely free of cost.

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