Got Debt? No problem! There is always a solution to debt problems. They might not be easy and quick but there’s always a way if you wish for it. The key point of debt management is dealing with it quickly so it doesn’t snowball. But do you need a debt management plan? Answer these questions to find out!
Are you striving to pay basic outgoing expenses such as the mortgage, rent, or bills?
Are your debts bigger than a year’s after-tax income?
If you answered yes to either of those questions, you need our help with an effective debt management plan. However, you are most probably not in debt crisis even if your debts are big. There may be different solutions that apply to you. Chat with us to know more. But if you do qualify for a debt management plan, this is how to apply for a DMP.

  • Speak to one of our expert advisors and take second or third opinions before making a decision.
  • After making a decision about DMP, you’ll get a 'personal action plan' with information and support.
  • Once all information is confirmed, the creditors must accept the plan provided.
  • After all is in writing, you can start making payments to them through your DMP.

Here are a few salient pros and cons about debt management plan.

Pros of a Debt Management Plan

  • Less stress of plan management
  • Additional money-saving on interest
  • Affordable payments
  • More built-in self-discipline
  • Less vulnerable credit score as compared to debt settlement or bankruptcy

Debts You Can Pay Off


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