Pros and Cons of Debt Management Plans

So, you’ve accrued some debt. That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. What will make you shine is how you react to the situation and how you remedy it. The first and best step of action is clarifying the scenario and listing down every piece of information you know. Then, you can move on to the debt management plan. Different companies outline different plans with varying rates and duration, but the gist remains the same. The main goal is to reduce debt quickly and build up a credit score.

Consider these pointers for deciding if the debt management plan is for you or not.


  • The financial advisers will take care of all your stress. You will just have to remember one monthly payment and there will be no more haranguing from your creditors.
  • There will be an evolution of your financial acumen.
  • The debt management plan decreases the vulnerability to your credit score. Timely payments don’t hurt the credit score as much as you expect.
  • Making timely payments will definitely counteract the damage from your debt loss and low credit score debt management plan.


  • Financial illiteracy can cost you. Thus, you must have extra vigilance while signing any documents. The debt management is a new, informed phase of your life. So, there is no time to relax by giving the reins to someone else. Verify every concession and payment.
  • There might be circumstances where you have to miss payments. This will harm not only your credit score but also to your personal sanity. Creditors are also reluctant to discuss relations with clients guilty of missed payments.

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