Top Ways to Get Out of Debt

It’s astounding how easy and often it is to get into meaningless, massive debt. It is even more frustrating how difficult it is to get back out. To pay off a debt, a debt plan or even an IVA are viable techniques. But, there are other ways to not accumulate as much debt. Everyone who pays off their debt does it a different way. Here are some strategies you can combine to get out of debt.

No More Debt Creation

With this strategy, the debt can’t get any worse. Reduce your shopping temptations by cutting up your credit cards or even freezing your credit.

Go Snowballing

This is called the snowball method if you pick the smallest debt and move to bigger debts. You can make more noticeable progress by this method as you make a big payment to just one of your accounts and make the minimum on all your other accounts. Then do the same for another debt, and another until they’re all paid off. The opposite of this is avalanche method, where you take on the biggest debt first.

Ask for a Lower Interest Rate

Often, customers with good payment history can negotiate lower rates. If you use a balance transfer to get a lower rate, try to pay off the balance before the promotional rate expires.

Look for Ways to Pay off More Debt

The more you put toward your debt, the faster you can pay your debt off for good. You may also be able to come up with money for debt by selling assets or generating income from a side hustle.

Cash out a Life Insurance Policy

To settle your debts, you can put you whole or partial life insurance policy towards it. You should be aware that some withdrawals can have tax consequences as well. You can also borrow from your insurance policy is also an option, but may affect the death benefit your beneficiaries will receive.

Settle With Your Creditors

When you settle your debts, you ask the creditor to accept a one-time, lump-sum payment to satisfy the debt. Creditors who agree to a settlement offer also agree to cancel the rest of the debt if you are in default or at risk of defaulting.

Go Through Credit Counseling

Debt management plans through credit counseling agencies typically last four to six years. This is basically the snowball method of paying off your debt, except the credit counseling agency is managing your payment. Solution2Debt is a great example of a credit and IVA debt management planning counseling firm, why not contact the representative now?

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